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Egypt: Postponed parliamentary elections

This is not yet that Egypt will have a new Parliament. The Administrative Court in Cairo ordered, this Tuesday, the postponement of parliamentary elections, initially planned from next day 22.

A decision is expected after the Constitutional Court have failed, on Sunday, a good part of the electoral law, including the question of the circumscriptions.

On the streets of Cairo, the opinions are not unanimous. "This decision goes against the public interest. Will hinder the implementation of the transition plan, postpone the elections again, harming investment and affect other decisions in the country, "laments a man.

Another is more pragmatic: "is normal. The elections must be credible, including without limitation this paragraph. Even if they are postponed for another month, it will be no problem. We've waited so long, we can wait a little longer. "

The Egypt's Parliament since June 2012.

The elections planned this month represent the last stage of the transition plan established by the army in July 2013.

The new date of the ballot has not been communicated but analysts speak of a postponement of at least three months.

Dulce Days | With REUTERS

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