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Arab parties wagered in a new political landscape in Israel

The four main Arab parties of Israel form a common list for the first time, what promises to encourage to vote the Arab population.

In seventh position on the common list of the four Arab parties in Israel, is Hanin Zoabi, Balad party, Member since 2009.

Zoabi has been noted by the defence of the rights of Palestinians and the open criticism Prime Minister Netanyahu, who accuses him of a policy of apartheid.

"We challenge a discriminatory Zionist project that defines a Jewish State, legalizing privileges granted to the Jews at the expense of Palestinians. We are the owners of this land, we are the natives and it is with this vision that we're in the Knesset. "said Zoabi.

This time the Arab deputies could have in fact an actual weight. For the first time, Israeli Arab candidates decided to join in a common list, which can give the leeitores Arabs a reason that noght had before to go vote because they can feel represented and with chances to influence politics.

Descendants of Palestinians, the population of one million and four hundred thousand Israeli Arabs who remained in the territory after the 1948 creation of the State of Israel, represents 20% of the total population of Israel. The majority are Muslims.

In Parliament, the 11 Arab members are a small group, among the total 120.

Traditionally, the Arabs isarelitas vote less than the rest of the population. In 2012 there were 56% stake, against a total of 67%.

Osamah Kahawish candidate stresses that this is a historic moment:

"If Arab citizens are voting on the common list and get 15 or more seats in Parliament, will be a historic success. Help the Arabs to gain influence in Parliament on issues of legislation and budgetary policy in all aspects of the lives of Arab citizens in this State. "

The result of the forthcoming legislation in Israel will tell if Arab citizens have decided to use this opportunity to gain a real representation in Parliament-to change what is wrong it will only be possible with a new political landscape.

By Nelson Pereira

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