terça-feira, 31 de março de 2015

Germanwings: already identified the DNA of 78 passengers

French researchers have identified DNA from 78 of the 150 occupants of the Airbus A 320 that crashed in the French Alps, announced the task force.

The identification of passengers will be made later, in Paris, by comparing the samples taken at the site of the tragedy with samples brought by relatives.

By day, are made 50 flights of helicopters to transport, to and from the site, search technicians.

While the German media advance with more hypothetical causes that have taken the Copilot Andreas Lubitz's deliberately rushing the aircraft into a mountain, official sources announced a ceremony of tribute to the victims that will be held in the Cathedral of Cologne, on April 17 with the presence of Chancellor Angela Merkel and senior representatives of France and Spain.

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