terça-feira, 31 de março de 2015

International Criminal Court orders return of Serbian ultranationalist leader in prison

In recent weeks, in several public appearances in Serbia, in his country, Seselj has ensured that would not return to the Hague voluntarily and gave a speech which provoked ultranationalist protests in Croatia and the repudiation of the European Parliament. And after getting to know the decision of the ICTY, the Serbian returned to saying it's not going to go back to court.

To return to the International Criminal Court requires the cooperation of Serbian authorities. But the Belgrade Government argues that "this decision has as goal to destabilize Serbia and the Executive of Aleksandar Vucic. Especially after Vucic said, the March 24, in a NATO "aggression" in the former Yugoslavia. "

These statements let you preview that authorities aren't going to make any great effort to stop Vojislav Seselj, who was left on probation the 7 of November of last year for humanitarian reasons, due to the deterioration of health status. The ICTY is judging the Serbian ultranationalist leader about 12 years for war crimes in Croatia (1991-95) and Bosnia (1992-95).

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