segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015

"Greece is not the only"

The demonstration was called by the international ATTAC network, Association for taxation of financial transactions to aid citizens and against the tough position of Berlin about the Greek debt crisis.

"It's about giving Greece a chance and to the new Government a chance to show work without the pressure of Europe which increases the suffering of the Greeks, a misery that was created from the outside and not from the country or their own internal politics".

This March in support of the new Greek Government, elected in January with a promise to reverse the austerity and renegotiate the terms of an international rescue of 240 billion, comes after the controversy between the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble and his Greek counterpart that Schaeuble will have Treaty of naïve.

An insult that Athens denounced and that Berlin has rejected as "absurd" complaining of deformation of words out of context.

During a Conference Wolfgang Schaeuble said had had a conversation with Varoufakis to explain the comment.

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