domingo, 15 de março de 2015

Violent cyclone reap lives in Vanuatu

One of the worst in the history of Pacific cyclones struck on Friday night, on the archipelago of Vanuatu. A violent storm associated with the cyclone sowed destruction and caused dozens of deaths.

Responsible United Nations locations speak more of a quarantine of fatalities, but it is still impossible to find a total number or assess the extent of the damage.

Cyclone Pam, category 5, the highest, left in its path a trail of desolation, with communications totally cut into almost the entire region.

Roads and power lines were cut and many buildings destroyed, as a result of violent rains and winds that reached overnight speeds of 330 km/hr.

The cyclone crossed the main island of Vanuatu, where live more than 65 thousand people, and other southern islands, home to 33 thousand people.

Changing the path suddenly, the Cyclone hit the capital, Port Vila, with greater force than had been foreseen.

The weather service of Vanuatu announced for this Saturday the continuation of strong winds, torrential rains and floods.

By Nelson Pereira

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