domingo, 1 de março de 2015

Greek Communists protest against the Eurogroup agreement

"The German Parliament gave Europe a vote of confidence"

Thousands of supporters of the Communist Party of Greece have focused earlier this evening in front of Parliament for Athens in protest against the Government and the agreement with the European partners. The agreement allowed the executive led by Syriza gain time to face financial difficulties over the next four months.

The former Socialist Prime Minister Georges Papandreou also lined by the same tuning fork when considering that the vow of Berlin is a manifestation of support to Greece and other countries that found themselves confronted with the sovereign debt crisis. Papandreou underlined the efforts made by Greece and the sacrifices imposed by Greek people which enabled a positive balance in the accounts of the State, before the payment of interest on the debt.

Despite doubts about the German promises made by the Greek Government to the Eurogroup, 541 Deputies approved the extension of the program of financial aid to Greece by the end of June.

The Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble, had earlier appealed to vote although he said it was not an easy decision. An appeal not convinced 45 deputies.

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