domingo, 1 de março de 2015

Nemtsov, opponent of Putin, murdered in Moscow

Boris Nemtsov, opponent of President Vladimir Putin, was murdered in Moscow, on Friday night. According to the police, Nemtsov was hit from behind with four shots.

The Russian President ordered the murder. For Vladimir Putin is a "brutal assassination with the hallmarks of a death ordered" that has the traits of a "provocation".

The 55-year-old liberal politician was a protégé of Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s. In March of 1997 reached the rank of Deputy Prime Minister with the folder and the Mission of reforming the energy sector. The glittering career of Nemtsov turned him a potential successor to Boris Yeltsin. But the financial crisis of 1998 would be fatal to their aspirations. When Yelstin abandoned power in the hands of Vladimir Putin, Nemtsov became one of the most critical voices of the Kremlin. Next Sunday would participate in an opposition protest.

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