domingo, 1 de março de 2015

USA/Cuba: Recorded progress in the second round of negotiations

In the end, the Cuban diplomat was satisfied with the talks.

"I can say it was a good meeting and we made progress in the negotiations," said Josefina Vidal

Although Havana complain the output of Cuba on the list of countries sponsor of terrorism, this is not a "precondition" to resume bilateral relations.

"I don't think it's appropriate to go into details about the materials they were made larger or smaller progress. In fact, some of them are almost resolved, "stressed the American representative, Roberta Jacobson.

For a political analyst of Georgetown University, the Cuban dossier is of extreme importance to President Barack Obama.

"I believe that President Obama wants to leave a legacy to be remembered, when I leave as is Kennedy for putting a man on the Moon, or Lindon Johnson civic rights," said Jon-Christopher Bua.

The Euronews correspondent in American capital accompanied this second round of negotiations.

Currently Cuban interests in the United States are represented by the Embassy of Switzerland, behind me. But, perhaps within months, or even weeks, this relic of the cold war has now gone rogue ", underlined Stefan Grobe.

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