domingo, 29 de março de 2015

Lubitz's faced a "heavy love crisis"

The information collected in searches carried out by prosecutors in Dusseldorf at the two residences of Andreas Lubitz's, brought some light to the grisly suicide of CoPilot.

The seized documents show evidence of psychic disease Lubitz's 28 years of, and a "serious episode of depression" in 2009.

After having gone through a psychiatric treatment for a year and a half, Lubitz's stabilized, but recently was in the middle of "a heavy crisis in relationship with the girlfriend who struck him deeply", according to the German press revealed.

The preliminary findings of the Marseille Prosecutor's Office indicate that made him fall so Lubitz's "deliberate" the plane. Other sources claim that the "transponder" of aircraft was reprogrammed to lose altitude: of 38 thousand feet to 100 feet, the minimum possible.

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