domingo, 22 de março de 2015

Man armed with machete is stopped the shot at the New Orleans Airport

White will be taken after a machete pants and threatened other security, who managed to escape and alert a police on duty at the airport.

Attacker in New Orleans airport had homemade bombs in bag

"The police officer came around the exit to meet the individual armed with a machete and shot him three times. The police hit him on the left side of the chest; on the left side of the face; and also in the left thigh, "said the Sheriff of Jefferson Parish, Newell Normand.

Richard White had no criminal record, was a taxi driver and survived the shooting, getting in critical situation and having surgery.

A woman â€" also safety at the airport â€" was injured without gravity by shots of the police.

Agents inside the home of 63 year old man who attacked New Orleans airport TSA agent with a machete

This Saturday, the authorities revealed that the attacker will have dropped a bag containing homemade explosives when he was shot by police.

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