domingo, 22 de março de 2015

Brazil: Attorney wants prison sentences up to 25 years for corruption

Also the reduction of processes between the first and last instance is on the table. White-collar cases take, sometimes more than 10 years to be tried in Brazil. The prosecution intends to reduce this period to a maximum of four years.

Saw #MPF today launched anti-corruption measures 10? See the summary of proposed

On the basis of these proposals will be the investigation called operation Carwash, which unlocked, among other cases, an alleged fraud in the Brazilian public oil company, Petrobras, where deviations occurred 4 billion reais (1 billion more they).

The new measures should be presented in the National Congress next week.

Two Brazilian companies, the Setal Engenharia e Construções and SOG oil and gas, signed Friday the leniency agreement proposed by CADE (Administrative Council of Economic Defense of Brazil), which was implemented for about 15 years and ensures immunity to a cartel participant or another collective anti-competitive practice "to" denounce the practice antitrust authorities and cooperate with the investigations. "

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Through this agreement the two companies reported 23 contractors to participate in a cartel to divide contracts with Petrobras. The contacts for the formation of the cartel will be started in the 90, becoming frequent and stable from 2003 and 2004, extending at least until 2012.

#MPF and Cade celebrate leniency agreement for obtaining evidence of cartel in Petrobras â€"

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