domingo, 22 de março de 2015

Greek justice "transfers" ultra-nationalists to house arrest

Mihaloliakos, 57 years of investigated for "direction and participation in a criminal organisation" and "possession of illegal firearm", are not allowed to leave the country.

Although confined to residence, may be under escort to take part in parliamentary sessions, once he was elected.

The announcement was made by his lawyer, Nikos Antoniadis, in statements to the press on the occasion of the departure of Mihaloliakos of high-security prison of Korydallos, on the outskirts of the capital city, West of Athens.

Besides Mihaloliakos, also Yannis Lakes, Member of the same party, was placed on probation conditions. The two are accused of links with the murder of musician and anti-fascist militant Pavlos Fyssas, the September 18, 2013.

Nikos and Yannis Mihaloliakos Lakes were arrested and placed in pre-trial detention, days after the murder of Fyssas, who was stabbed by a member of the Golden Dawn, near Athens.

The Justice ruled in their placement in freedom once served the maximum period set by the Greek penal code for the provisional detention.

The number two of the party, Christos Pappas, should also be freed on March 29 for the same reason, segu8ndo the same source.

The murder Pavlos Fyssas marked the release of a new investigation against this party, xenophobic and anti-Semitic inspired.

The main frames, members, former members and numerous members of the Golden Dawn were arrested and placed in provisional detention.

In total, about 70 party members, among which its leaders and members, will be judged in the context of this case, from 20 April.

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