domingo, 22 de março de 2015

Couple of Spaniards killed in Tunisia has already been transferred to Barcelona

The Spanish couple are two of the 21 fatal casualties resulting from the attack on Wednesday, which add up to two of the attackers.

23 dead& 43 wounded account to tunisia Min of Health. 6 of wounded have already left hspital. victim nationalities attched

A still unconfirmed number of armed men stormed the area and at least three have been trying to enter the Tunisian Parliament, situated right next to the Museum of Bardo and where they discussed the strengthening of anti-terrorism laws in the country. Asked by Parliament's security guards, gunshots and the attackers have fled in the direction of the Museum.

Witnesses reported that the gunmen opened fire on a bus of tourists, having taken some of these as hostages in an area of garden next to the Museum. Inside, many fled to upper floors and underground. Was triggered the device maximum security and anti-terrorism the zone was "flooded" by elements of the National Guard of Tunisia and the local police.

"The son I knew could never do what was done." Family of Tunisia gunman speaks out:

After more than three hours of tension, the security forces have shot down two of the attackers who entered even inside the Museum and freed the hostages. The two dead terrorists were Tunisians radicalized that left the country in December towards Libya, where they received military training to return to Tunisia and commit this attack.

To the geniuses in Washington trying to figure out what to do after Tunisia massacre..clean Lybia before it l become the capital of terror!

The President of Tunisia guarantees that it could have been worse. "The terrorists were carrying explosive belts. We saw them ourselves. But seat belts didn't explode. They didn't have time to trigger the explosives. If they did, there would be over one hundred dead and not just 21 people murdered, "said Beji Caid Essebsi.

gov of tunisia says that it has made 9 arrests conncted to #Bardo, w/4 directly linked to attck. 2-3 gunmen escaped scene yesterday

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