domingo, 22 de março de 2015

Yemen: HEY iinflama civil war with triple suicide bombing in Sanaa

At least 142 people have died and more than 350 were injured during a triple suicide bombing in Sanaa.

The action claimed by the Islamic State, one of the first carried out by the Islamist group in the country, aimed at several mosques frequented by the Shi'a community, in particular the minority Houti, whose militias currently occupy the capital.

Suicides did spur the explosive charges inside and outside two mosques during the Friday prayer, killing the Chief religious leader of Houtis, Al-Mourtada Ben Zayd Al-Muhatwari.

In the South of the country at least 29 soldiers loyal to President Abdullah Saleh were killed in an attack attributed to Al-Qaida network.

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