sábado, 21 de março de 2015

The Tunisia hostage of terrorism

The Tunisia was the heart of the so-called Arab spring. This is where it all started in December 2010. The people revolted against Ben Ali, which was in power for 23 years and obtained, with a peaceful revolution, the removal of the dictator and the establishment of democracy. The RSI recalled these events.

The bombing in the Bardo Museum constitutes a heavy blow to the economy of a country that tries to rise and reach with much effort a worthy life level. In particular because it happened at the beginning of the tourist season, affecting a key sector for the country, a sector which had already been rocked by the revolution. The reportage France 2 looked at Heath public system.

No surprise that the self-proclaimed Islamic State have claimed the bombing. The borders with Libya and Algeria to Tunisia in particular expose this risk. Hundreds of Tunisians fighting in rows djihadistas. RAI 3 did the portrait of a situation which became explosive.

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