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Poroshenko: we do not accept any ultimatum

Euronews: considers that the European Union is United in supporting the Ukraine or was expecting more? Some people see some divisions, and the Lord?

Poroshenko: do not, under any circumstances. During this year, as President of Ukraine, I had the opportunity and honor of having a place in the European Council. This happened in June, in September and in February. In all occasions, European leaders expressed themselves with one voice in favour of Ukraine. I hope that the European Union remains faithful to European values the support will continue.

Euronews: the Minsk agreement was reached with President Putin and the separatists. Think they are trying to push you into a model of federal for Ukraine is unacceptable?

Poroshenko: the issue here is not Putin or the President of Ukraine. Only the Ukrainian people can decide this issue. According to our Constitution the federal statute of Ukraine can only be decided through a national referendum. But, currently, about 90 percent of Ukrainians are against a Federation. Why? Because we are a unitary State and do not accept any form of pressure. I, as President, I am always available to convoke a referendum and respect the result.

Euronews: the separatists want to trade peace for the federalization of their territories?

Poroshenko: first of all, we do not accept any ultimatum. Secondly, the form of development of our country will be decided by the Ukrainian people. Lastly, together with our European partners, Americans and the rest of the world, we stand for freedom, democracy and independence of the State, and does not tolerate anybody to blackmail us.

Euronews: so your wish will become reality doesn't think it will be necessary to send to Donetsk and Lugansk a peacekeeping force?

Poroshenko: the Parliament supports my proposals regarding the special status of Donetsk and Lugansk, the map set out in the Protocol of Minsk of September 19 and, finally, the formal request to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council, to be discussed sending a peacekeeping force to the Ukraine. Where do we need Blue Helmets? Firstly, on our border, that is a key element of our sovereignty. We need this force prevents the entry of arms, munitions and troops on Ukrainian territory, is very simple. Secondly, we need UNPROFOR deployed along the demilitarized zone, the line was drawn only to ensure peace and stability.

Euronews: the problem is that it's hard to send a peacekeeping force to the ground without the consent of the other side.

Poroshenko: no, we don't have here another side, that is territory of Ukraine. We hate the idea that any other State can decide whether or not the u.n. Blue Helmets should be sent or not. This is very interesting. The sending of a European Union police force should also be a possibility or that the peacekeeping force of the UN was composed mostly by EU soldiers because we rely on our partners. I think this would be a very effective way to resolve the issue.

Euronews: Feel the commitment of NATO and the EU in this direction?

Poroshenko: Yes, I think so.

Euronews: Managed support?

Poroshenko: Yes, we have the support and confirmation, the only thing is. .. See, what's the problem? After the annexation of the Crimea and the occupation of Donbass, the post-war global security system isn't working. Why? Because, unfortunately, one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council turned into an aggressor and that's the reason why you would use a veto against a peacekeeping force. This is the reason why we need to have a discussion like the one we had in Minsk for a unanimous decision in this matter. And there's no reason that someone opposes this.

Euronews: after the revolution of Maidan, one of the most important elements to stabilize the country's fight against corruption. What steps did you take?

Poroshenko: war is not an excuse to stop reforms, fight corruption and attract the best international consultants to create an anti-corruption Office. Responsibility it is now up to Ministers to prosecutors, to senior officers from the police for corruption charges to be presented in a transparent manner. Only in this way can we win the trust of the people in these difficult times. You must construct an independent judicial system and ending the immunities of Deputies and judges because we should all be equal before the law.

Euronews: But to implement economic and anti-corruption reforms the country needs to abandon this post-Soviet system.

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