sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2015

The "finger" German in true gesture Varoufakis

The images, however true, gave rise to a controversy with the German public after they were broadcast on a channel debate program ARD on Sunday.

Interviewed today on the subject, back to deny Varoufakis the veracity of the video:

"I say that this is a manipulated video, I've never made this gesture in my life and the German population deserves a better television," said the Minister.

However, in the original video released by the Minister himself on his Twitter account the "finger" appears clearly.

And here is the ' undoctored ' by the unscrupulous media's video:

At the Colloquium of 2013, more than insult to Germany, the Minister is opposed to necessity of Greece European ransom, defending the opposition to pressure from Berlin.

The controversy of the "finger" occurs on the same day that Greece back to uphold the promises of the Government vis-à-vis the pressure of the Eurogroup.

Complicating the debate, a German satirical programme revealed yesterday have manipulated the images, showing how allegedly changed the video, thanks to a computer program.

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