segunda-feira, 9 de março de 2015

Portugal: PM should explain "diversion" front of the House

The demonstration, called by the CGTP, occurs at a time when the Prime Minister is hit by a new scandal concerning an alleged debt of five years of Social security contributions.

In an interview with the Sun newspaper, Passos Coelho acknowledged that it was a, "distraction" when the Expresso newspaper indicates that the Prime Minister would not have paid the entire debt of over 7 thousand euros.

The Social Security Institute denied, however, the information advanced by the Expressed that 26 months of debt would be paid off.

Passos Coelho reaffirms don't have any debt to the IRS: "If in the past, declared and paid taxes beyond the deadline, also paid fines and interest as any other citizen".

The case may take the Prime Minister to have to explain himself before Parliament this Wednesday.

A petition to the President to dismiss the head of Government has collected more than 14 thousand signatures on the Internet.

Cavaco Silva relativized yesterday the situation as simply a partisan battle in pre-election period.

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