segunda-feira, 9 de março de 2015

World marks international women's day

Despite many advances in gender equality, there are still many delays in the 21st century. XXI

In Santiago, Chile, the eve served as a pretext for countless women coming out to the streets to demand the Government to legalize abortion, end discrimination and adopt measures to promote gender equality.

The voluntary interruption of pregnancy is one of the themes that most concerns those women.

"I'm here to defend the right to decide. From the way we dress up to what we do with our bodies â€" is our right, "said a protester.

The Chile is a conservative country, the interruption of pregnancy is prohibited, including in cases of rape and incest.

In Afghanistan, the artist Kubra Khademi used a suit of armor on the streets of Kabul to materialize a thought I had when he was first molested when he was four years old.

Even with armor was pilloried.

"This happens every day. I see, even I can see, and the women here do not want to talk about it, "he explains.

But gradually the light illuminating dark minds. In Kabul, in Afghanistan, a very conservative society, men decided to use burqas to denounce the oppression of women.

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