terça-feira, 24 de março de 2015

SOCIALIST PARTY wins elections in Andalusia in ballot marked by the affirmation of the Can

The Socialists of the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers ' Party) won the autonomic elections in Andalusia, but without an absolute majority. With 47 deputies, Susana Diaz list head managed to match the result of 2012, although at the time it was the second political force.

Bet on renewal, we get 15 deputies and became the third political force. Already the Ciudadanos secured nine seats. The two teams presented themselves for the first time the votes in Andalusia and together showed that bipartisanship may have tough days ahead of us.

"We are the protagonists of this change, we are the protagonists in the creation of alternatives, creating initiatives at street level, to meet the needs of the majority of the population of our country, which are enough. The political scene in Andalusia and Spain has already changed, "said Teresa Rodríguez, head of the list Can in Andalusia.

The Popular Party of Mariano Rajoy was the great punished the night. Lost ground and managed only 33 members. In practice, are less 17 seats compared to 50 elections in 2012.

The end of 2015 will be legislative elections, which is why the year guess of intense work to regain popularity.

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