terça-feira, 24 de março de 2015

United Kingdom: Richard III concluded in Leicestershire

Richard III, killed at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, during the wars of the roses, was the last King of the House of York.

His body was taken to the Church of Grey Friars, in Leicester and buried in haste.

The location of his grave remained a mystery until it was found under a parking lot, by a team of archaeologists.

' Richard III ' is a kind of hero to me. I believe it is a King much misunderstanding and want to participate and remember it the way it should be remembered a figure in the history of England "Summit, said a young man from Leicester.

'' He's been underground for 500 years and he's now being adored by millions of people around the world. It's indescribable, "said an American tourist.

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