domingo, 8 de março de 2015

Ukraine: OSCE will have 1000 men on the ground

The number of OSCE observers in Eastern Ukraine will double, to reach the 1000 men.

The agreement, reached between Russia, Ukraine and the European Union, aims to allow an "effective control" of the ceasefire.

Although observers on the ground do not have complete freedom of movement, Lamberto Zannier, the head of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe, said that the ceasefire, in force since 15 February, "is being respected, although with minor violations."

The European Union also confirms "progress" in respect of the plan of Minsk, but Federica Mogherini warns: "we are all well aware of the fact that our unity is our strength, when we adopt sanctions. It's been that way in the past and may again be in the future, should the situation deteriorate. We are United in all decisions taken vis-à-vis Russia, faced with the situation in Ukraine. "

The head of European Diplomacy's statements were made after the informal meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Twenty-Eight, in Riga, Latvia, a country that assumes the rotating Presidency of the Union.

The Ukraine was high on the agenda and Federica Mogherini continues to believe that the peace plan agreed in Minsk is the best way out of the conflict.

The OSCE mission, that expires the 21 March, but officials estimate that is likely to be renewed for a year.

Dulce Days | With AFP, AP And REUTERS

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