sábado, 7 de março de 2015

Ukraine: Zassiadko Miner was buried

One of the miners killed in the Zassiadko mine disaster was burying this Friday.

The lack of security has returned to be fatal in the mine located near the separatist city of Donetsk, in Eastern Ukraine. Thirty-four miners were killed and more than a dozen were admitted at the hospital.

As on numerous occasions, since opening in 1958, the methane accumulated in the tunnels will have been at the source of the blast, which occurred Wednesday.

"My brother had already sense that something was wrong. Two weeks before she died she felt that something was going to happen. The other miners have said between them if the gas were not eliminated, they would all die there, "said the brother of one of the miners killed.

Ten thousand people risk their lives every day in the mine Zassiadko. The methane accumulated in the depths, on average, every two years, causes a tragedy.

The mine has a long track record of accidents, the most serious on record happened in 2007: 101 miners dead, only some of which lie in the cemetery deployed beside the pit where they worked.

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