sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2015

Weathering makes two dead in Italy

The torrential rains were accompanied by winds that reached 180 kilometres per hour.

The two fatalities were recorded both in the center of the country. A 41-year-old man lost his life when the car he was driving was hit by a rock in the area of Lucca, in Tuscany.

Several roads in the area were closed to traffic.

In Urbino, a woman struck by a tree died, leaving a bus on the way to work.

"Agenzia_Ansa: <a href="">#maltempo</a>, already two death in Central Italy to <a href="">#Lucca</a> and <a href="">#Urbino</a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a>"<p>â€" Firefighters (firefighters) March 5, 2015

Some ports of Sardinia were isolated due to huge waves created by the storm, which also caused several floods.

Chaos #maltempo. Two #vittime in Lucca and Urbino. Fix throughout Central-South Italy

Rodrigo Barbosa | With AFP

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