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Who recommends the consumption of only 50 g sugar per day

The World Health Organization recommended on Wednesday (March 4), the reduction in the consumption of free sugars or hidden in products such as ketchup and carbonated, both for adults and children. The goal is to combat obesity and tooth decay.

The who believes that these sugars correspond to only 10 percent of the daily energy ration of the population. 10% correspond to 50 g or 12 teaspoons of sugar. The organization believes that it is necessary to raise awareness among adults and children to the problem of excessive consumption of sugar. The latest data indicate that the Portuguese children are the ones that consume sugars in Europe â€" 25% of the daily energy ration.

The UN agency warns that much of the sugar consumed daily, is concentrated in many foods that are not considered candy, such as pasta, pizza or bread.

The who recommends daily consumption of 50 grams of sugar, by an adult. 50 grams of sugar corresponds to:

50 grams of sugar = 77.7 grams of a Mars bar, or a little less than two regular size bars.

50 grams of sugar = just under six doses of 30 g of Kellogg's Honey Pops. A dose of 30 g contains 8.7 g of sugar.

50 grams of sugar = 88 g or about five tablespoons of Nutella.

50 grams of sugar = slightly less than a bottle of 50 cl (462ml) of Coca-Cola.

50 grams of sugar = just under a cup (45 CL) of Tropicana orange juice, marked as "no added sugar".

50 grams of sugar = about 3 ounces (64 g) hot chocolate brand snapshot Benco. A dose, prepared with hot milk, contains about 16 grams of sugar.

50 grams of sugar = just over a quarter of a 330 g pack of M&Ms.

50 grams of sugar = 78 g of dried fruits and almonds

50 grams of sugar = 5 jars of white label yogurts, labelled with an indication of "no sugar added". A jar contains about 10 g of sugar.

For the World Health Organization a better labelling of foods, informing about the hidden sugar content, will reduce consumption.

The who recommends to Member States "to initiate dialogue with the agribusiness industry for reducing sugars hidden in the composition of the products".

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