sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2015

Italy holds drug dealer after a new wave of illegal immigration

The man of Senegalese nationality would be on board the vessel which sank off the coast of the channel of Sicily.

The arrest comes at a time when Rome attends the largest wave of immigration in recent years, partly caused by the conflict in Libya â€" Italian host authorities more than 67,000 illegal immigrants in refugee centers.

Since Tuesday at least seven ships were intercetadas in the Mediterranean Sea, with more than 1,100 immigrants, 10 of whom have reached lifeless land.

The European Commission had decided to prolong the operation Triton Mediterranean surveillance, in February, unlocking more 13.7 million euros in assistance to the Italian coast guard.

According to the UN High Commissioner for refugees, about 218,000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean last year, when the number of deaths amounted to 3,500 people.

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