quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015

Bangladesh: "Blogger" murdered

According to the local police Chief, Washiqur Rahman, of 27 years, was "brutally" stabbed to death, about 500 yards from his home in Dhaka.

According to another author active in social networks, the victim was known to have written against "religious fundamentalism".

Two men were arrested after the assault when making their escape from the crime scene.

This is the second murder of an author independent after the death of an American in February.

This murder occurs one month after a similar attack against the "blogger" North American Avijit Roy, gunned down machete blows when he walked home with his wife.

The American's death has provoked outrage in Bangladesh and abroad, having originated manifestations of several hundred people who demanded justice.

An Islamist, considered the prime suspect in the death of the "blogger" North American, was arrested in early March.

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