quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015

Plane "solar impulse" face the first dark clouds in China

The "solar impulse 2" landed tonight at Chongqing City, at the end of a journey of 10:0 pm and more than 1300 km, started in Mandalay in Myanmar.

But the bad weather forced the unit moved only solar energy, to postpone the departure for Nanjing, the second and final stopover in Chinese territory, before the unit headed for u.s. territory.

In the next step, the Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard, will pass the commands to André Borschberg, the second man of the tour by air of more than 35 thousand kilometers in five months.

Equipped with 17 thousand solar panels, the "solar impulse" took off in early March to Abu Dhabi for a world tour aimed first and foremost at promoting renewable energies.

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