quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015

Muhammadu Buhari WINS Nigeria's presidential

The final results announced by the Electoral Commission give most to Muhammadu Buhari, with an advantage of more than two million votes.

A result that puts an end to the five-year term of Goodluck Jonathan and the 19 years of domination of the people's Democratic Party in power.

The outgoing head of State, charged with corruption and inefficiency in the fight against the Islamist insurgency in the North of the country, conceded defeat and congratulated by telephone, his successor in Office.

rosemary_ajuka President (elect) Mohamadu Buhari receiving a call from his predecessor in office, few minutes ago! <a href="http://t.co/BlShrUmpL3">pic.twitter.com/BlShrUmpL3</a><p>â€" Wane Theophilus (theowane) March 31, 2015

The victory of the opposition, led by a Muslim in the face of defeat of a Christian politician does, however, raise fears of a new wave of intercommunity violence as during the elections of 2011.

Buhari, who had based his campaign on fighting corruption and the Boko Haram group, declared on Monday:

"I believe that with my military experience, let's quickly restore the morale of the Nigerian troops, with more weapons, more training and reorganization of the armed forces".

In Lagos, the largest city in the country, demonstrations of supporters of Buhari contrasts with the fears of the population.

Buhari ruled out, however, the repetition of the deadly clashes of four years ago, referring to the peace agreement signed with Jonathan's Party that ensures the respect the results announced by the Electoral Commission.

In Kaduna, bastion of Buhari, hundreds descended on the streets tonight to celebrate the defeat of Jonathan, with the celebrated former President now hat.

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