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Burundi to boil because of the candidacy of President Nkurunziza

Hundreds of people were on the streets protesting against the decision of the current President. The demonstrations began on Sunday and continue. The police intervened, were raised barricades by protesters and the sound of gunfire are a constant, although, for now, if there's live ammunition to be used. Some humanitarian organizations warrant that more than 20 thousand people have fled the country.

Almost 21, 000 #Burundi'ans have fled to #Rwanda this month fearing electoral violence http://t.co/JsE66i9U2N via Refugees<p>â€" UNOCHA (UNOCHA) 28 abril 2015

With the experience of what happened during the civil war in Burundi, between 1993 and 2006, humanitarian organizations fear that these clashes may degenerate into an ethnic conflict between "huti" and "Tutsi", a picture of what happened 20 years ago, in neighboring Rwanda.

Agathon Rwasa, leader of the FNN, the main opposition party, calls for respect for the Constitution. "The right to protest and demonstrate is recognized by the Constitution. Those who are manifesting, are protesting against the annihilation of the Constitution held last Saturday by President Nkurunziza and his party. We cannot accept this country to be ruled by the desires and wishes of CNDD-FDD, "Rwasa said.

Burundi president sticks to third term bid despite protests http://t.co/KcmWmwxyqX pic.twitter.com/GjuGgoWOsl

In power since 2005, Pierre Nkurunziza, was appointed on Saturday the candidate CNDD-FDD to the presidencies of 26 June. For the opposition, the decision violates the Constitution of Burundi, voted in a referendum in 2005 and that only allows each President to be elected for a five year term renewable only once.

The opposition points out that the decision violates the so-called Arusha agreements for peace and reconciliation in Burundí ", up for 15 years and ratified in 2003, while Global Ceasefire Agreement.

The ruling party disagrees and reminds us that the first term of Nkurunziza was by appointment rather than election, so it doesn't count.

#Rwanda: 5, 000 #Burundi refugees â€" mainly women & children arrive in just 2 days http://t.co/Q8q1IyAksQ pic.twitter.com/G71nxk9NFY

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