quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2015

European Commission prepares fine against Google

Google accused of unfair competition in the area of online surveys, could be fined more than 5.5 billion euros.

The Directorate General for competition of the European Union-DGComp-, the European Commission's authority to control anti-competitive practices has been investigating the company since 2010.

"Based on our initial investigation the Commission launched a formal investigation in depth about Google's conduct with regard to the Android mobile operating system, applications, and services. The goal is to ensure that consumers and innovative companies can benefit from a competitive environment in Europe ".

One of the examples cited of unfair competition is the way Google presents the results of a search.

The sites that compare prices search engine accused of highlighting the Google Shopping and relegate their rivals for lower positions.

Before the legal process is still possible an agreement between DGComp and global enterprise.

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