sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2015

Germanwings: 2nd black box found, and new revelations about Lubitz's

"[Black box] was probably subjected to fire (...) But the General State allows us to expect it to be usable-Brice Robin, Prosecutor of Marseilles "

Thursday was a day of major developments in the inquiry into the crash of the plane of the Germanwings: was found the second black box of the device and were isolated 150 different DNA profiles among more than 2,000 samples taken in the French Alps.

That does not mean that the remains of 150 victims have been identified, notified the Prosecutor of Marseilles.

As for the black box, Brice Robin further explained: "it was probably referred to the fire because it's all black [typically, the black boxes are actually Orange]. But the General State allows us to expect it to be usable. As you know, this box should contain about 500 recorded parameters, among which, the plane's speed, altitude, engine regime and also the actions of the pilots in the commands and the different modes of piloting the plane. "

On the German side, it is now known that the Copilot Andreas Lubitz's did research on the internet about the suicide and about the safety procedures of the cockpit doors of the A320. Leads him to believe that the crash of the appliance has been not only intentional but also premeditated.

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