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The two losses in New Zealand and how to solve the shooting competition

Cricket may be one of the most popular sports on the planet but in Portugal is virtually unknown and the World Championship was completely on the side of the majority of the Portuguese.

Were 49, involving 14 countries and the best players that cricket has to offer. Australia and New Zealand held hands to organise the competition but when faced off in the final there was no place for friends.

Hear your #CWC15 Champions speak about their celebrations at Federation Square.

The game promised but only had a sense. The Australia entered at full throttle in pitching and position soon eliminate Brendon McCullum. The New Zealand captain was only three minutes on the field and not even touch the ball.

Their early output represented a blow to the Black Caps, who: in a final of the World Championship, plus the Australian bowlers were truly inspired.

Eliminated all batsmen New Zealanders, what no one else did in the tournament, and allowed just 183 runs.

Reversed the position of the teams, the New Zealand also started by away one of the main Australian batsmen, Aaron Finch, but the promised restoration never came.

One last time! Thank you to all of my team mates, past and present, my family and friends and everyone who has stuck by me through the tough times. I will always remember what this great game has given me. #23

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Led by Captain Michael Clarke, who had announced the day before the withdrawal of international cricket, the Australians were quick to reach 186 races, three more than their rivals.

The party in Melbourne began immediately, in eleven editions of the FIFA World Cup, the Australia won the title for the fifth time.

There were several shots in the city of Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, but there was no cause for alarm. It was only the second stage of the World Cup shooting, which brought together the best shooters in the moat, moat and double Olympic skeet.

The Italy completely dominated the women's skeet, with over throwers in the first three places. The ninth ranked in the world ranking, Diana Bacosi, clinched the gold medal by defeating in the final to compatriot and Olympic champion of the discipline in 2008, Chiara Cainero.

Fifth and last podium of the Al Ain ISSF World Cup Stage.Gold for Frances Anthony Terras.Silver and an OQ for...

In men was Anthony Lands who ascended the highest place of the podium. The French, silver medalist in the last World Championships, missed only one shot in the final, necessitating the Danish Jesper Hansen by 15-13.

Portugal was represented by João Azevedo, José Faria and Rodrigues Armelim, who were the qualifying round in the Olympic Gap.

The World Rugby seven series gained new momentum this season with the entrance in the Olympic family in Rio de Janeiro.

The most recent step took place in Hong Kong and left the Red the struggle for victory in the overall standings.

The three stages of the end of the season only three points separate the first three classifieds. Fiji and New Zealand were the finalists and already have the first place in sight. The South Africa finished in third position and despite threatened, still in the lead.

HIGHLIGHTS: fijirugby storm to victory at the <a href="">#HK7s</a>. Check out all the highlights from a thrilling final day! <a href=""></a><p>â€" World Rugby Sevens (WorldRugby7s) 29 março 2015

The decisive meeting in Hong Kong was completely dominated by the team of small Pacific Islands, which has the powerful All Blacks by 33-19.

Portugal was also represented and although he managed to impose a tie to the powerful New Zealand in the group stage, was defeated in the remaining four dates. The wolves in 14th position of the world series.

World Rugby Sevens SeriesPortugal made history by tying with New Zealand in Hong Kong Sevens. The National Selection.

Sambo is a modern martial art, created in the Soviet Union to help the military develop their individual capabilities of combat. The name is an acronym that can be translated for self-defense without weapons.

Consists of two parts, the Sambo and combat Sambo sporty. The first is characterised by extreme violence, in which almost all the hits are allowed. The second is above all influenced by judo and wrestling.

The last stage of the World Cup has provided several skirmishes of great spectacle in Moscow.

The high point of the season, however, is reserved for December, with the realisation of the World Championships in Morocco.

The necessary equipment in archery has a tendency to become increasingly complex. Power and stability are essential but what makes the difference is the aim.

It is no surprise why sights is a critical piece to achieve a performance worthy of Robin Hood.

There are three types of bow used in competition, compound, long bow, recurve. The aim is in the body of the arc, is extensible and has a display at the tip. The display already depends on individual tastes, some have a point in the Center, others a circle and still others brands of fiber optics.

As the arrow describes inevitably a downward curve, you must adjust the crosshairs up or down, according to the distance, left or right, taking into account wind conditions.

The target must always be in the center of the viewfinder but let us not forget that even pointing to the Center, a poor execution can throw it all away.

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