quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2015

International day of Earth

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, asked that people act in a sustainable manner and are aware of the consequences that our decisions have on the planet ".

In his message for the international day of mother earth, which today celebrates, Ban Ki-moon reminded that "we don't all have to act in a sustainable way, but those who have this possibility can transform the world".

In late March, the European Environment Agency (EEA) published its last evaluation â€" as every five years. "Environment in Europe â€" Situation and perspectives 2015" is the title of the document that praises the positive effects of European policies.

The results obtained should be noted the fact that today the Europeans benefit from air and healthier water, more recycling and less landfill. However, Europe is still far from achieving its objective of "living well, within the limits of our planet", set for 2050 for the 7th European Environment Action, reveals the document. Issues such as biodiversity loss and climate change are the main threats.

Scientists have no doubt that only a true sustainable Europe can put the continent at the forefront of science and technology and promote the creation of new industries.

Euronews spoke with the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) to discover some of the most important green priorities for Europe.

The BSE says that more than 400 000 Europeans die each year prematurely because of air pollution.

In European cities over 90% of its inhabitants are exposed to air pollution levels, above the levels recommended by the World Health Organization (who).

Pollution costs reach 940 billion euros per year, according to BSE, including 15 billion euros of lost working days and 4 billion in health costs.

"We have seen a positive development since the years 1970, we approach the who guidelines," said the spokesman for BSE Sébastien Pant. "But we are far from achieving there until 2030".

Sébastien Pant argues: "we have a great conference about at the end of the year and it is very important to a binding global agreement to reduce carbon emissions. In the European Union are not doing enough. We need to work more on energy security and be less dependent on Russia. The best way to combat climate change is the fight against energy consumption. "

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