domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

Italy sees reach more than 11,000 illegal immigrants in six days

The number of fatalities in attempts to cross the Mediterranean to reach Italy has increased dramatically since last year. Flavio Di Giacomo, the International Organization for migration, explains that "the numbers of immigrants who arrive in Italy are quite similar, among the 26,000 last year and April this year. What has changed is the number of dead. A year ago, there were 94 victims; This year, with the shipwrecks of the past few days, the victims are already 900 ".

This Thursday, the Italian police arrested 15 men who arrived aboard a ship from North Africa, following reports that would have thrown to the sea more than a dozen people from Nigeria and Ghana, for being of Christian confession.

Another vessel rescued by Italian coast guard, several people were found burned and even killed, after registering a gas explosion on board.

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