domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

Movies and series of Russia banned in Ukraine

These are images of Khroniki uboinova otdela, a Russian COP series with great popularity in Ukraine. But the Ukrainians won't be able to see much longer. The Chairman Petro Poroshenko ratified now a law to prohibit all movies and series Russians, produced since 1991 that glorify the country's security forces, as well as all movies and series Russians made since 1 January of the last year: "the document prohibits all films produced by a person or entity of the aggressor State, what can be considered part of economic sanctions"Kateryna Myasnikova says, media specialist.

On the streets of Kiev, the opinions are divided, even if most of the population of the capital is clearly hostile to Russia: "if we want to join the European Union, we should avoid any kind of censorship, discrimination or restrictions, but at this point, given that these films and series are part of Russian propaganda, I think you'd better ban them," says an inhabitant of the Russian capital.

The law only covers the period following the end of the USSR and save the Soviet classics. But it's not just series such as this, they cut by Patrul "blue pencil". Globally acclaimed movies also, as Leviathan, candidate for the Oscar for best foreign film this year, happens to be banned in Ukraine.

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