terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2015

Poland puts an end to Russian motorcycle trip

Bikers-10 total-started from Moscow this Saturday and heading to Berlin to mark the Soviet Army's victory over Nazi forces in 1945. An act of heroism to the Russians, but not for the poles.

"These people are not going to cross the border. Each will receive a document saying I don't have permission to enter Poland because the conditions have not been complied with for the entry and residence in the country, "says Dariusz Sienicki, border police.

Arguments that convince bikers poles. Motorcyclists are outraged and propose to complete the trip to the German capital.

"It is a stupid provocation and a shame that the Polish and German authorities are creating a problem so big just because some riders want to go to Berlin. They are behaving as if World War III had started "point of the Polish director Konrad Newolski and motorcyclist.

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