terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2015

Nepal: a million children at risk

Simon Jean-Jacques head of Communication UNICEF South Asia â€" as I said, there are several thousand children affected directly or indirectly. Those who have lost homes, loved ones and remained on the street overnight, were affected directly. There are many makeshift camps in the capital and the rest of the country. In this situation, immediate assistance is required, water, medicines and nutrition for the little ones.

Euronews â€" So, as said, there is a shortage of everything. Do you think that the international humanitarian aid takes too long to arrive?

Simon Jean-Jacques â€" Unfortunately, it takes as long as it takes. Tonight arrives on a plane chartered by Unicef, with plenty of material, mainly clinical material, vaccines, tents, etc. We had already planned a charge for 5,000 families in the region of Katmandu and surrounding areas, in three specific regions, but it takes a lot more, because things that are not for one day, but for several days. People became homeless and you also need to think of a solution that won't appear from one day to the next.

Euronews â€" is in Katmandu, where it comes to a real nightmare. Can you describe the situation around you? How you feel about people?

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