segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2015

River: Police can go back to occupy Complexo do Alemão

The Security Bureau of the city states that the Special Operations command of the military police can deal with that set of slums. In just two days four people died, one of them a boy of 10 years.

According to police, the tragedy occurred when, on Thursday, the officers who patrolled the streets were "received shots" for criminals, a version disputed by residents. "Can't a 10-year-old boy shot in the head, the mother brain matter entering the room while she watched a program on television and society doesn't scream!" exclaims a protester.

To Amnesty International's Director in Brazil, Attila Roque, "we need to break with the model militarized. We must break away from the model of selective public security, choosing some as citizens and others as non-citizens, a public safety which criminalises especially young black man from the periphery. We are not against the police. The police, in a way, is a victim of the same security policy. "

On Friday, during a peaceful protest, the demonstrators were dispersed by the authorities resorted to tear gas.

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