terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2015

Ukraine: Poroshenko accepts call referendum on decentralization

Before a parliamentary Committee that discusses the amendments to the Constitution, Petro Poroshenko caveat that it comes to a referendum on "decentralisation" and not about "federalization".

"For those who want to talk about federalization: we have an instrument called ' referendum ' and I'm ready to convoke a referendum about the structure of the State of Ukraine, if the members of the Constitutional Reform Commission deem it necessary," said Poroshenko.

The constitutional reform is one of the points of the peace agreements of Minsk. The document provides for the participation of the regions but Kiev only converses with legal representatives.

The Prime Minister, Arsenyi Yatsenyuk, believes that "the new Constitution should consult the interests of the entire State â€" from West to East. And if we're talking about our dialogue with the East, we are ready for dialogue but only with legally elected representatives and not with Russian criminals and terrorists. "

The separatists pró-russos considered "unacceptable" Kiev's position and point out that were not invited to join the Constitutional Committee.

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