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United States and Cuba: a half century for reconciliation

The end of the embargo made it possible diplomatic relations and trade with that many dreamed of.

The removal began 55 years ago, when the guerrilla leader of the young bearded, Fidel Castro stunned the world by defeating the dictatorship of general Fulgentius Batista.

On January 1, 1959, in Cuba, to overthrow Batista, triumphed to the revolutionary movement of Fidel Castro. #panama

Relations with the United States deteriorated further, when Castro began the expropriation of properties of American companies in the country. Openly Communist and anti-American, the Cuban Government entered the political sphere of the Soviet Union Nikita Kruschév.

Washington tried to bring down the regime. In 1961, started by the disastrous Bay of pigs episode: in April, Kennedy authorized the invasion plan of southern Cuba to a paramilitary group of Cuban exiles anticastristas 1500, trained and directed by the CIA, with the support of the army. But there was a leak and, after three days of battle against Castro's forces, trained in the Eastern bloc, the defeat was humiliating: 118 dead and 1200 prisoners of the American side.

Cuba and United States began openly to being enemies.

In February 1962, President Kennedy imposed the embargo and, at the end of this year, "the missile crisis": the two countries to the brink of nuclear war.

When Americans discovered Soviet missiles in Cuba, Washington prepared to fight back. With tension running high, the Soviet Union agreed to remove them against Washington's promise not to attack.

For decades, the fugitives in rafts, the oak risked daily life to reach Florida. One of the emblematic cases (between 1999 and 2000), was of little Elián González, whose mother died while trying to immigrate to the island.

The "thawing of relations": Washington a new market in real estate and tourism sector. The Cubans, in addition to the thousands of tourists expected, also can receive money transfers from relatives in the United States. The optimism has become.

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