quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2015

Yemen: Saudi Arabia National Guard mobilizes for possible ground intervention

In the South and centre of the territory, two new Saudi military coalition aerial bombardments caused at least 40 dead, mostly civilians, after the attack yesterday in the capital have caused the death of 38 other civilians, wounding hundreds of people.

After the militias have occupied most major cities around the country, a new front seems open now in Taiz, the third city in the country, where forces loyal to President Hadi became involved in clashes with the Shiite militiamen who occupy the location.

According to the World Health Organization (who) since 19 April that the conflict caused 944 dead and more than 3,400 wounded, when worsens the humanitarian situation on the ground and 16 thousand foreigners are still waiting to be repatriated. The who denounced today what it considers to be a health crisis in Yemen, when the conflict affects access to food and drinking water, forcing hospitals to close their doors.

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