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Anti-corruption judicial cyclone shake FIFA two days of elections

A cyclone hit this Wednesday on FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland. An investigation by the Justice Department of the United States led the Swiss authorities to the arrest of seven members of the International Football Federation, among 14 people indicted for the crimes of conspiracy to extortion of money, acts of corruption or money laundering.

Among the detainees are, for example, Jack Warner and Jeffrey Webb, respectively the former and current Presidents of CONCACAF (Football Association of North America, Central America and the Caribbean). Hours earlier, Webb "twitava" (bottom) the presence in a meeting with delegates to anticipate the CONCACAF Congress on Friday.

Meeting with CONCACAF delegates to discuss the agenda for regional and global football ahead of <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/FIFA?src=hash">#FIFA</a> 65th Congress <a href="http://t.co/6ac7AckL7x">pic.twitter.com/6ac7AckL7x</a><p>â€" Jeffrey Webb (jeffreywebb) 26 maio 2015

Once seen even by itself as potential successors of Sepp Blatter as President of the body which supervises from Switzerland the world football, the two are suspected of participating in schemes involving the former representative of the United States in FIFA Chuck Blazer.

CONCACAF Secretary between 1990 and 2011, Blazer pleaded guilty and will be for the last four years to cooperate with the FBI in this investigation to varied schemes involving FIFA, the tournaments that this promotes and marketing and tv rights of the same.

We welcome the actions of the Swiss & US authorities. Read my statement â€" http://t.co/f2Z25cwm5d

The investigation goes back about twenty 25 years and will even before the World Cup in the United States, tournament that marked the revival of football that curiously country given what little there is called "soccer" â€" In the United States called football resembles more to rugby.

Are the next world, however, that focusing now attention. One of them, of Qatar, directly related to Mohamed bin Hammam. The former President of the qatari Federation was four years ago of Sepp Blatter competitor in the race for the Presidency of FIFA, but neither arrived at elections and ended up expelled from the Executive Committee of the international body, for alleged vote buying even before the decision to grant the country Christmas 2022 FIFA World Hammam.

Increasingly relevant, with this new American research, also seems to be the so-called "Garcia report", an investigation requested by the FIFA for alleged suspicions of corruption, in particular because of the choices of Russia and Qatar to receive the world 2018 and 2022. The report is completed, but FIFA itself has been struggling to keep it secret.

Many have been the voices calling for the publication of research results of the former Prosecutor from New York. The German Franz Beckenbauer was one of those who claimed the publication. The report "Garcia", however, remains closed.

Independent Ethics Committee bans 11 individuals from football-related activities. http://t.co/hzghhias17

Could the Russia and Qatar losing organization of respective worldwide? It is unlikely, but at this point nothing will be thrown. For now, FIFA did was suspend provisional form 11 individuals of any activity linked to national or international soccer, including the seven responsible linked to body held this Wednesday in Zurich.

UEFA, the body that supervises the European football, is that doesn't seem to forgive and, however, stressed in a public discontent with this case that macha every modality. "These events show once again that corruption is well rooted in the culture of FIFA," reads the statement issued by the body chaired by Frenchman Michel Platini.

UEFA shows this FIFA the red card http://t.co/1jHi9LXJr8

This Friday, a new Electoral Act on FIFA. Luís Figo was in the race and was probably the strongest rival of Blatter, but at the end of last week gave up. The Portuguese abdicated, criticizing the alleged dictatorship of the organism in this electoral process. The Swiss, who run again to the place he occupies for almost 17 years, certainly rubbed their hands with glee.

My candidacy for President of FIFA was the result of an individual decision, after hearing a lot of people relevant ...

The race still remains, however, Jordan's Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein. Can he beat Sepp Blatter and mark the change that many complain for the world football? In the next few hours really will happen, by the way, backstage at the FIFA Congress scheduled for Friday. The only certainty, he assumed it the own Blatter: "I'm still President until Friday at 6: 00!"

We cannot continue with the crisis in FIFA, a crisis that has been ongoing and is not just relevant to the events of today.

Luis Figo has also made an incredible contribution to the debate we have all engaged in, and we are truly grateful to him.

Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, the only rival of Sepp Blatter for the FIFA Presidency, described what happened as "a sad day for football". How to describe it? I also think it's a sad day for football, but probably not for the same reasons the Prince. It is interesting that after retreated in the declarations and said that football has to be well-governed, which needs strong leadership and passing through taking responsibility. Remains to be seen if the Prince will take on that leadership and responsibility. The fact is that it's a dark day for football, although anyone connected to soccer have been surprised. The levels of corruption in FIFA have been well documented over the last 20 or so years. It's a sad day, not because the scandal was shown in daylight, but because this situation has lasted for so long.

The Attorney General of the United States said the investigation suggests a tentacular corruption, deep-rooted and systemic. The position of Sepp Blatter has been compromised? Survive the new charges? Blatter is a slippery man, as has been evident over the past 17 years. Nothing could stop until today, so I'm not surprised if you can overcome this. But it's true that there are serious questions about his leadership, and, in fact, what better time than this to ask questions than the FIFA Congress, taking place in two days?

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