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Countdown to the 60th the Eurovision Song Contest

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The sound and light apparatus does not mask the growing disinterest in relation to an event that was once a meeting place around the tv almost mandatory for several generations of families. Even so, some people pay about 50 euros to attend rehearsals and more than 200 to witness the competition.

#Eurovision: seven reasons to attend the tacky in Basel opens that unites Europe

"Wars for Nothing" (Wars for nothing) is the song of Hungary. "It's important to sing a theme that has a message," bails Boggie. The interpreter says he is too "proud" to represent your country with a theme that, according to their own will differentiate it from the competition.

The message of the song also appears to be fundamental to the competitor of Azerbaijan. Elnur Huseynov, very popular in Turkey, where he won the last edition of the competition "The Voice", says his song speaks of the need to "not give up (...) to fight for a better future, to fight for happiness ".

The lights of gay friendly Vienna to the Eurovision 2015! -Sapatômica |

This is the case with the look-alike contest of Conchita Wurst, who won the award for Austria last year.

A British version of Conchita takes the view that the Eurovision Song Contest is "one of the only occasions when Europe â€" and this year also the Australia-joins to celebrate the music" and confesses love listening to the songs that are interpreted in the language of their own country.

This year, Russia, Sweden and Italy are favourites of one more ending back count with the presence of Portugal. Leonor Andrade was eliminated in the semi-finals.

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