domingo, 24 de maio de 2015

Ireland has the votes in the referendum to legalize same-sex marriage

There are no polls at the mouth of the polls, but the high turnout, especially in urban centers, seems to confirm the statement left the polls: the "Yes" to the same-sex marriage should be approved in Ireland, the first country in the world to submit the issue to a referendum.

Heres @saoirse_ronan #IrelandVoteYes #marriageEquality

The Ireland was until a few years one of the most conservative countries of Europe, but the moral authority of the Catholic Church has been to blur with the evolution of mentalities and was undermined by successive scandals of abuse and pedophilia.

How would God vote in Ireland gay marriage referendum?

Many of those who marry nowadays believe that the referendum has nothing to do with "equality", if no one says to heterosexuals who may or may not marry, so "everyone should have the same right of choice. Anyone should be able to marry the person you love. It's a simple question and you just have to do with equality, "I meant a married couple of cool.

The referendum on the same-sex marriage has also attracted the interest of the diaspora.

This is why I love the Irish and the Irish Diaspora in the U.S. #hometovote

In social networks, groups supporting the "Yes" encouraged the emigrants traveling to Ireland to vote.

Most joyful hostage all week as Irish travel for referendum legalizing same-sex marriage #hometovote

There were those who came from New York City or even from Sydney to vote. Other, changed the plans to exercise his right.

Man these #hometovote stories are staggeringly moving vignettes on the power of love and respect for people who love

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