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France: FEMEN "steal" focus to Marine Le Pen in the tradition of the May 1

The procession of #1erMaiFN, taken by MLP_officiel, is ready to go. <a href="http://t.co/fC6sKn00xv">pic.twitter.com/fC6sKn00xv</a><p>-Front National (FN_officiel) 1 maio 2015

The first intrusion happened when Marine Le Pen lay a wreath at the statue of Joan of Arc, heroine of the 15TH century considered by the FN as a national symbol of French liberation of foreign power.

Two activists in "top less" stormed the room, yelling "heil Le Pen", a German greeting associated with Nazism. In the body, had painted the words "Marine top fascist". Private security guards detained the activists and drove on the focus of the event.

The second intrusion happened at a time when the leader of the FN was speaking. Three other activists also appeared on "top less", on a balcony adjacent to the square where the rally was ongoing. Again, private contractors of the extreme right-wing party put an end to the action of FEMEN.

Stop Top fascism!#FEMEN against NF pic.twitter.com/s66NSos28d

Marine Le Pen had yet to address the activists so ironic: "it is a certain paradox to proclaim and feminists here way a tribute to Joan of Arc."

The event marked, however, the reappearance of Jean-Marie Le Pen after anti-Semitic polemics led about a month ago, when he described the Nazi gas chambers as "a detail of history". A statement that took his daughter and current leader of the national front to demarcate the father, in an attempt not to miss the many votes that have been getting for his party in recent years.

The obsessive evocation of the crimes of Nazism disappeared for 70 years has the effect to obscure those of Communism that last 100 years

Founder of this tradition of May 1 and a emblemátia figure in the French far right, Jean-Marie Le Pen, of 86 years, was, after all, on the same stage where Marine Le Pen was to speak. Jean-Marie uttered not a single word, merely waving to the crowd and then walked away, leaving the brightness to the daughter.

As his daughter, but at different times, Jean-Marie Le Pen also deposited a wreath at the foot of the statue of Joan of Arc, the heroine that is the main reason of this tradition of FN, which coincides with the labor day. This was the day that the FN made in 1988 to honor Joan of Arc and enhance patriotism.

As for the speech of Marine Le Pen, the target was the President Francois Hollande and the predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, who is trying to revive his party, the UMP. "They allowed a massive immigration if installed in France. They were the ones who pulled the PIN on the grenade of Islamic fundamentalism ", accused the leader of FN, fi NISH:" we're right in everything. "

"Legal immigration is proceeding at a crazy pace: 200 000 people per year, already under #Sarkozy, now under fhollande." <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/1erMaiFN?src=hash">#1erMaiFN</a><p>-Marine Le Pen (MLP_officiel) 1 maio 2015

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