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Germany holds suspected terrorists and avoids alleged attack

The suspects, a man and a woman identified by the newspaper Die Welt as Halil and Senay d., are a couple and would be linked to a Salafist Group. They were detained in the town of Oberursel, close to the German financial capital.

NOW live: press conference in Wiesbaden to the foiled terrorist attack in #Oberursel

The newspaper Die Welt said that German forensics were in the apartment used by the would-be couple. The police at first declined to give details, but already in the afternoon, at a press conference, the public procurator Albrecht Schreiber revealed that the searches allowed find out an automatic rifle, assault 100 ammo boots, chemicals normally used to prepare homemade bombs and a container with oil.

With several events this weekend, involving many people, including proof of cycling, the May Day, which is this Friday, police forces have extended the perimeter searches. The area of the route of the race, where one of the suspects, the man, would have been seen in recent days, was "swept" by investigators.

Suspected Islamists attack thwarted: pipe bomb and weapons at a couple in #Oberursel to ensure

The Interior Minister of Hesse, Peter Beuth, ensured that "police investigations indicate that it was possible to prevent a terrorist attack." "This incident showed us that all we should keep alert," he added.

The Chief of police of Hesse, Stefan Mueller, revealed that the suspect in custody has 35 years, German Turkish dual citizenship and criminal record. The woman, also arrested, is Turkish. The couple have two children, who were in housing and who remained in the custody of social services.

There we go! Press Conference on the #Festnahme of the #Terror pair in #Oberursel

The Germany is currently under a "high-risk abstract" of terrorism, i.e. There is a risk, but without any concrete threat. The Salafists are a group that defends the Islamic radicalism and the German intelligence service (BfV) believe is growing, the image of the Group Islamic State recruits. The BfV estimates that 450 people have already travelled from Germany to Syria or Iraq to themselves the "jihadists" they're spread terror in those areas.

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