sexta-feira, 1 de maio de 2015

Nepal: European countries repatriating citizens

Stansted Airport in London, arrived on a flight from Kathmandu with over a hundred British.

A young woman explains that she and her friends had "pretty lucky, because they were in a sturdy building when it happened [...] Unlike many other people ".

The Italian airport of Malpensa airport in Milan, saw a group of climbers who lost two team members in the earthquake.

Iolanda mineral content explains that "there was an avalanche of rocks" and "one of the friends saw a huge rock and hid behind, by instinct". She was struck on the head by a rock. In those moments, there's no time to think, just pray, or cry ".

A plane chartered by the French Government arrived at Roissy airport in Paris, with 206 people on board, including 26 injured.

A woman says she is "happy" but feels that "will break", because I've made more than 20 trips to Nepal and there "many friends".

Most of those who arrived in Paris were French, but the Board were also more than a dozen other European nationalities, particularly Portuguese.

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