terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2015

Italian Parliament approves new electoral law

The new law was passed by a majority of 334 votes in favour, 61 against and four abstentions, between 630 members, but without the participation of the opposition in the vote.

"Mission accomplished. The Government did what it promised to the citizens, that is, to make Italy a country where on election day if you know who won. The electoral law is the symbol of a Government that is not limited to discuss reforms, but take them seriously. We did what we promised, "said Maria Elena Boschi, Minister of institutional reforms.

The Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, registered on Twitter to your satisfaction and need to move forward with humility and courage.

The electoral law now approved, which should enter into force as early as 2016, predicts that most places of members can be ensured by the party that gets 40% of the votes in the first round of laws, and not by a possible coalition of parties.

In case no party obtaining the result that ensures immediate control of the Chamber, there will be a second round between the two top parties.

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